Why Swearing Feels So Good?

Swearing in moderation may not be as off-limits as we once believed. Gone is the day when the use of the occasional expletive caused people to recoil in utter disdain. Psychologists now believe muttering the occasional expletive can actually do us some good and even make us a stronger person.


1. Cathartic:

Using a swear word now and again can sometimes free us from feelings of anger, frustration and resentment.

2. Substitution:

The release of anger through swearing can often reduce the potential of physical aggression. Wouldn’t you rather be called an “a–hole” than being on the receiving end of a fist to your face?

3. Positive:

The use of an expletive as a positive word amplifier has generally become acceptable. Haven’t you ever said, that’s “@#&!*” terrific, in the excitement of something positive?

4. Pain Reducer:

Have you ever stubbed your toe and the first thing out of your mouth is “#@&%!” Researchers believe that the use of a swear word can actually reduce the effect of pain through the release of chemicals in the brain.

5. Fear and Surprise:

By using a swear word when surprised or fearful, psychologists believe we activate our “fight or flight” response, causing a surge of adrenaline and an equivalent analgesic “pain reducing” effect.

6. Retribution:

Swearing enables us to get back at people or situations without the necessity of resorting to physical violence.

7. Humor:

Swearing among friends can cause some extremely funny situations. In such situations, it gives us a release from social constraints and can make light of potentially threatening people or situations.

8. Social Bonding:

Swearing can serve to show we are part of a social group, and that we are open, honest, self-deprecating, easy-going and a fun person to be around.

9. Self-expression:

Swearing indicates that we really mean what we say, feel strongly about something or that it is really important. It also makes us more energetic and interesting when added as emphasis to our speech.

10. Health:

Finally, there are numerous health benefits of swearing, which include better circulation, elevated endorphins, and a general sense of tranquility, control, and well being.
The key to swearing is to do it sparingly and not to become overly angry, which would be very unhealthy as well as becoming excessively vulgar. Remember, there is a significant difference between using the occasional expletive and being overtly offensive.
Swear with care.