Ways to Determine if People Are Interested in You

interest in you
Here are a few pointers for determining whether someone is interested in what you’re saying or not. These points are also good in determining sheer interest in you regardless of what you are saying.

Body Position
The first clear indication that someone is interested in what you’re saying is his or her body position. If they are squarely facing you (or ever so slightly off center) it is a good indication that they are interested in what you are saying.
Eyes Wide Open
If someone is interested in you, their eyes will generally “open up” by arching their eyebrows causing their eyes to open more widely. Their eyes may also dilate so they can see more of you. Eyes’ being wide open is a clear signal of interest from the other person.
Looking Good
Another major body language move that says someone is interested is by prepping or preening. When a person is interested a man might adjust his collar, sit or stand up taller or puff out his chest. Women tend to fix their hair or brush it away from their faces so they can be better seen. If your listener is tidying up, they’re subconsciously saying that they want to look good for you.
Where the Feet Go
If you’re not certain about the other person’s interest check his or her feet. If someone is interested his or her feet will be turned toward you. If their feet are pointed in the direction of the nearest exit, you may need to take decisive action to regain interest. When we like someone, people orient their feet closer and toward you, if not, they will literally point their feet toward the nearest exit in an effort to escape.
Other Signs
A few other indicators are denying a clear view of the front of the body, lack of eye contact, and less animated movement. When movements are restricted or limited the other person is telling you they’ve lost interest. Fiddling with objects is another way of telling you that there’s a lack of interest.
If you are speaking to someone that is leaning away from you, feet in the direction of the door, and keeping his or hands still, you may want to rethink your choice of conversation quickly before they escape.